The car finance division of Absa Bank is one of its biggest in South Africa. With this, Absa Car Finance South Africa extends loans to thousands of people every day, amounting to billions of rands. Their expertise are unmatched, and as a big bank, you’re assured that it won’t go bust the next day you wake up. That certainty has made Absa so successful, especially with their asset finance services; helped by South Africans’ growing need for motor loans.

You don’t have to worry about waiting long for applications to b approved, Absa Car Finance has turnaround times that are above industry average. With the convenient method of applying online, Absa makes your life very easy and simple. This is what they offer.

  • A loan for your car.
  • Low interest rates on your repayments
  • A balloon payment option or an upfront deposit option
  • Access to other services offered by Absa Bank
  • Extending your repayment term when you want
  • Other value-added products

In 2010, the leading Afrikaans newspaper, Beeld, named Absa the best bank for car finance in South Africa. This is no small accolade, as it puts Absa in a unique position compared to other vehicle finance service providers, who offer great services in their own right. This, coupled with the financial might of the entire Absa Group, has allowed the car finance division to be the second largest in South Africa.

Another special thing about Absa Car Finance, is their leading role in providing tailored services to people of the Islamic faith. Thus, Absa Islamic Vehicle Finance has been growing significantly over the past while. The product models its offering in such a way that it follows Shari’ah manners. And the great thing is that it is open to everyone. The one important benefit of this are the flexible repayment options available that decrease when you pay in extra cash into servicing your debt. And better yet, there are no interest rates paid on this loan!


More about ABSA

Absa Bank is one of South Africa’s leading high street banks, with offices in all major cities. Apart from providing vehicle loans, they offer everyday banking services, like personal loans, savings, and trading. The bank is a registered financial services provider. One of the benefits of getting car finance from this bank is that they have access to credit records; the benefit to you being that you won’t need to go through the tedious process of accessing your credit score. Your duty is to just focus on making sure your application is completed, and that you know which car you want to buy.