Our car finance calculator is based on South African financial institutions requirements, and will allow you to get a
good idea of what you could be paying for your vehicle finance in South Africa. Being able to calculate your vehicle
repayments and residual (baloon payments) forms an essential part of planning your personal financial budget.

We are able to offer very competitive private vehicle finance and guarantee a substantial saving on initiation and
administration fees when applying for private motor vehicle finance online with us. Find out how we are able to offer
substantial savings on car loans here.

Vehicle Finance Calculator

Purchase Price (incl VAT)

Deposit (in Rands)

Trade In Value (if any)

Interest Rate %

Balloon / Residual %

Terms – Months

Loan amount:

Residual amount at end of term:

Monthly repayments:

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Note: Not all banks offer the same interest rate and criteria differs, so we work on an average interest rate that our customers are currently receiving from the major banks. This vehicle finance calculator is to be used as a guideline for your calculations, the interest rate will be confirmed once you have applied for private motor vehicle finance online.

You could save an average of

*R0 on your initiation / administration fee when you apply for private vehicle
finance with us based on the purchase price amount!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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