We charge a set fee of R3500 plus vat which includes licensing and registration. It’s a very simple calculation and one that you can do almost instantly.

Calculation Example

For example, you plan to buy a car privately for R100 000. Through us you would pay an initiation fee of only R3500 plus vat = R3990. Obviously this excludes the monthly repayment amount, but this is a whole lot more affordable than applying directly to a bank for Private Vehicle Finance. Consider the fees charged by two leading financial institutions for private car finance below:

Total Car Value: R100 000
Our Fees: R3990

Compare Banks Fees
Bank A Initiation Fee = R6850
Bank B Initiation Fee = R5200
Average Bank Fee = R6025

Our Total Fee = R3990
You save R2035 average on financing a R100 000 car.

The figures above are not fictitious, they represent the average saving. You can check with our vehicle finance calculator right now. In some cases we can save you up to 40% on the initiation fee, which is money you could put to use elsewhere. And because we deal with lots of banks all day long, we are able to get you a very good interest rate – possibly even better than you could get by going directly to the bank.

Looks Good doesn’t it!  Apply for Vehicle Finance Online Now!

Vehicle Finance Calculator

Save an average of *R2035
on Initiation and Facility Fee
Calculate Now*based on R100 000 – Compared to Bank1 & Bank2

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