Please use the form below if you are sure that we can help you.  If you’re not sure, and would like to be called back or emailed, then go here. In order to speed up the process of applying for a used car loan online, we have produced a short list of the basic questions that will determine if you are eligable for private motor vehicle finance. All your information is confidential and will never be sold or rented to any third party.

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Our car loan application process is done online only. Once the prelimenary check is done, and your credit is found to be in good standing, we will contact you to continue with the process. The following documents will be required by successful applicants: Your South African ID book, 3 Months Salary Slips and 3 Months Personal Bank Statements are required.

Using the form, apply for Car Finance Online.
If your credit is in order, we’ll contact you to proceed.
Sign and Fax/Email the contract back to us and we’ll finance your car. Easy!

Private Vehicle Finance Online Application

NB: If you are blacklisted or have a judgement against your name, please use this application form. Find out how to check your Credit Status for free over here.

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