If you’re blacklisted, apply for car finance with us

If you’re looking for car loans for blacklisted people, use our blacklisted application form below and we’ll see if we can help you. N.B. We do not do our own finance deal, we apply at regular South African banks. This means you need to be employed with a regular income. Once we receive your details we will contact you to continue with the process. We can’t help everyone but we will try our best.

Please note that we will need you to have the following ready to email us if your online application is successful:

  1. 3 months payslips
  2. 3 months bank statements
  3. your ID document
  4. a valid driver’s licence
  5. proof of current address, not older than 2 months

Please note that we cannot help you if:

  1. you are under debt review
  2. you are under administration
  3. you have been employed for less than 3 months
  4. you are self employed
  5. you are a contractor
  6. you have a personal loan or credit card account at African Bank
Using the form, apply for Blacklisted Car Loan Online.
If we can help you we’ll contact you to proceed.
Sign and Fax/Email the contract back to us and we’ll finance your car. Easy!

Used Car Application for Blacklisted People

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