1 in every vehicle loan in South Africa is made by Wesbank. That’s pretty impressive stuff, specially given the level of competition in the vehicle finance market. Wesbank provides loans for used cars and other asset finance. Being the market leader doesn’t come with being complacent and undifferentiated from other providers of car loans, and this is how and why Wesbank does it.

About 95% of Wesbank’s business, you and me who apply for loans for our cars come from dealerships and other partners. Wesbank has vast and very successful co-operations with car dealers around South Africa. To give you an idea of how big Wesbank is, car companies such as Honda, Peugeot, Nissan, Land Rover, General Motors, Fiat, Lexus, and Volvo are all in partnership with Wesbank. That’s how Wesbank has grown over the years, by building relationships with guys like used car dealers instead of being out there on their own like the competition has done.

Buyers of used cars often get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that has to be processed. And although that is an essential part of the buying process, your vehicle finance doesn’t have to be as tedious. The online application for Wesbank loans for used cars is pretty simple. All you have to do is have your ID number, contact details, and have a good idea of about the motor vehicle you want to buy. The last part is important because Wesbank can then easily assess if its from one of their partner dealers or not. But what exactly does Wesbank offer?

A comprehensive suite of vehicle finance products that include online application processing, checking of your credit score, a list of used cars for sale, advisory personnel for when you need a consultation about your loan, and access to the products and services offered by Wesbank’s sister company, First National Bank (FNB).

With low interest rates, long repayment durations, and the expertise of the foremost financier for used car loans in South Africa, Wesbank is the right partner for you. Look at your neighbour or your friend, or even your boss. Ask them where their got their car loan, and the greatest chances are that they will reply by saying Wesbank. So shouldn’t you consider their route and get a Wesbank loan for your used car?

Wesbank is a member of the FirstRand Group. A registered financial services provider