Are You Covered For All Eventualities?

Quite frankly it takes far too much effort and money to build a business not to have the right kind of cover. Most SME’s are aware that they need insurance cover, but are not always sure as to how much and what kind of cover is needed to protect them property when the time arrives to claim.

There are many types of specific quotes for insurance you might not have considered if you run a small to medium enterprise.

Key Person Insurance
• What would happen to your business if your or a key member of your team were to die?
• Key person insurance provides you with cover should this happen.
• This kind of insurance is specifically designed to protect a business in the event of the death of an executive or key team member who makes a noteworthy involvement towards the profits and the stability of the business.
• Key person insurance is really a life insurance policy that can replace lost income or finance the investigation for the replacement of that key individual.
• Venture capitalists, banks and other lenders usually require key person insurance for start-up ventures that they invest in.
• This is for those lenders to protect themselves.

Leased Equipment Insurance for the SME

• Most companies have insurance cover for the equipment that they own.
• But many do not have insurance for the equipment that they lease.
• Imagine the scenario where an extremely expensive piece of equipment is leased, it breaks and you have to foot the bill.
• This would be problematic in that you would not only be left without any equipment to carry on the business but you would have to foot the bill to repair the equipment.
• Many SME owners rely completely on the leasing of equipment which makes them extremely susceptible should there not be adequate insurance.

Other insurance that an SME should consider is the interruption of business insurance as well as business vehicle insurance for your personal vehicle should something goes wrong. A business owner’s policy will provide you with general basic cover but there are SME’s that fail to have this type of cover.

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